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doing a great job
doing a great/economical job

J Hudon, washington

Easy to install
Great product and easy to install

B Maxam, Wyoming

Bathroom Heater
Very nice product, all copper wiring. Very easy to install and ideal to supplement heating in a could bathroom at the top of winter. I greatly recommend.

J Ferrer, Texas

Long life and confortable heating
I have been using SoftHeat baseboards units since they have first appeared in Montreal, say early 90's. This is long before the availability of electronic thermostats such as the AUBE units. These were designed to modulate the heat and give a more constant temp. The SoftHeat units were way ahead of things to ensure the users of quality, confortable and efficient heating. I will again buy Softheat for my new renovation project.

J Pannunzio, Montreal Qc.

Cadet 13102
A purchased as a direct replacement for thawed baseboard heaters originally installed in our home built in 1973. They were the same dimensions , but were much lighter and have thus far been very quiet and much more efficient as well. Satisfied I was able to find a nice quality heater that saved me a lot of time and effort with out a lot of rework. Thanks!

T. Kemp, Ohio

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