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In the fall I was a happy Cadet owner.
After the winter, I am an elated customer. Last year it was very expensive to heat my apartment home. This winter I used two of your heaters. It cost me less than $100 a month, and I was cozy warm. The savings, over this winter in utility costs are remarkable. We will be using more of your wonderful heaters.

A. Fender, PA

I just completed a remodel in my house and purchased three of your wall fan heaters.
I thoroughly enjoy the quiet, efficient operation of the heaters and know that they will save on my energy bills. I am controlling three heaters (two fan units and one baseboard) with your TH110 thermostats. Their programming features not only save energy, but they add both comfort and convenience. It's amazing how simple things like these new features make my life that much more enjoyable.

M. Levy, CA

I wanted some additional information on a Cadet garage heater that I had recently purchased.
I called your customer service department and was promptly answered by a real live person. Imagine my surprise. I'm so used to getting a recording when making these types of calls. The tech rep was very knowledgeable and helpful, answering all my questions and providing just what I needed. Thanks for great customer service and tech support. A rare thing in today’s world.

J. Greene, OH

I have been using Cadet heaters for over 20 years.
Their reliability is great. The heat they throw out is very good. I am so pleased with Cadet. Keep up the good work. 

B. Parker, WA

We have a three-story house and the bottom two floors are heated with a forced-air gas furnace.
The bedrooms are on the top level, and each has its own Cadet in-wall unit. I like to keep the heat turned down in the house at night but my wife likes it warm. So we compromise. The downstairs cools down overnight, while she gets to pre-heat the bedroom by turning it up an hour before bedtime. And we keep the bedroom toasty while the rest of the house cools down.

G. Eisen, WA

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