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Thank you to Cadet and your staff for your customer service and support.
In a day and age when so many companies have elected not to have true customer support, it's great to encounter a company who stands by their product. 

L. Klassen, MN

The customer service and tech departments are wonderful.
I've encountered very friendly, helpful, and caring people. I wish all companies provided such dedicated help. 

K. Well, OR

Thanks Cadet, for making an affordable product with high-end performance.
I built an 1100 square-foot home in the country and have been in it for five heating seasons. My options were limited to electric baseboard heat or a geothermal system. Baseboard units and thermostats for the entire home were less than $500, while a geothermal system would have been over $7,000. With the Cadet baseboard units properly installed I have been able to keep my total house electric bill under $1,300 a year for the five years I have lived in my home. The Cadets have worked flawlessly and have required zero maintenance. 


D. Congdon, MI

I ordered two baseboard heaters and two thermostats,
but I had ordered two different colors. I received a personal phone call from Cadet to address the discrepancy in my order. Thank you for the call and the correction to my order.

D. Blythe, CA

I bought the Energy Plus for my bedroom
and couldn't be happier. It’s quiet and extremely effective. The old ones in the living and dining room are so loud I can’t even hear my television. The Energy Plus is very quiet. Thank you for a great product.

B. Perry, WA

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