Apex Case Study - New Construction - 15 West

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Contractor saves amps and install cost

15 West
120 units/4 floors
DBG Properties
401 W 15th St., Vancouver, WA


The project was originally designed to use cove heaters. Aaron with Olson Electric was able to bring down the wattage and corresponding amperage, on his latest project, saving on both parts and labor cost. In fact, the switch lead to an “exponential” reduction in cost of wiring. “It all adds up quickly when you’re working on a 120-unit project,” Aaron said.

With 240-volt cove heat:
  • 12-gauge wire
  • 20-amp circuits
  • multiple heaters per room
With 240-volt Apex72:
  • 14-gauge wire
  • 15-amp circuits
  • one heater per room

In addition to helping Olson Electric save on cost and reduced amp draw, the heaters benefit future residents by:

  • providing more livable floor space for furniture placement
  • electronic thermostat (required with Apex72) is easy to use, and far more accurate than mechanical thermostats
  • blending in with room

Olson Electric plans to use the Apex72 again, at a 90-unit apartment building directly across the street from 15 West that’s currently breaking ground.

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