Apex Case Study - Renovation - Garden-style Apt

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Upgrade and reduce maintenance calls

Park Terrace
87 units/2 Floors
Property Type:
Garden-style apartments
Northeast Portland, OR

A maintenance manager at a garden-style community in Portland upgraded from baseboards to the Apex72 to reduce maintenance calls and free up living space for residents.



  • Baseboard heaters are frequently blocked by furniture and drapes
  • Following up with renters, inspecting and fixing blocked heaters is time-consuming
  • Finding heaters that blend into and work with existing rooms
  • Finding a solution that also circulates air to help alleviate mold issues


  • By upgrading to the Apex72, heaters are now up off the floor and out of the way of furniture and drapes, greatly reducing follow-up inspections and problems with blocked heaters
  • Fans in the Apex72 also help circulate warm air which help prevent mold issues and quickly and efficiently heat up the apartments
  • New electronic thermostats are easy-to-control, bring greater comfort to the residents, and offer energy savings not available with old fashioned thermostats

“It makes my unit inspections easier, as I don’t have to worry about furniture and drapery covering up the heater.”
Randy W. Maintenance Supervisor

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