Apex Case Study - Renovation - Orchards Inn

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Shelter upgrades and gains living space

Share House
Property Management:
Share Vancouver
Property Owner:
Vancouver Housing Authority
5609 NE 102nd Ave., Vancouver, WA

When the VHA and Share needed to upgrade aging electric baseboard heaters at Orchards Inn, a 13-room temporary housing shelter for families in Southwest Washington, they partnered with Cadet to install the Apex72 electric wall heater.



Share and VHA needed heaters that:
  • wouldn’t limit furniture placement in the rooms, which often have multiple beds
  • would effectively and quickly heat living spaces
  • were easy to control
  • improved upon building firewall requirements


  • The Apex72 heater is installed six feet above the floor, adding new floor space for furniture and now completely out of the way of children
  • New heaters circulate warm air throughout the room, quietly and efficiently
  • New electronic thermostats are easy-to-control, bring greater comfort to the residents, and offer energy savings not available with old fashioned thermostats
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