How many 17-year-olds do you know who run their own business, have flown airplanes and have run in the Hood to Coast relay?

We know one: Alexander Aguilar, who just so happens to be the son of Javier Aguilar who’s been a part of our maintenance team for the past 7 years.

Alexander is one of three high-school students recently selected as winners of a scholarship to attend Young Entrepreneurs Business Week later this summer.

Javier, center, and his son Alexander, right, at the 2015 Hood to Coast relay.

It’s a fitting scholarship, considering Alexander runs a little landscaping business and helps his dad on the weekends.

When he’s not working or going to school, he also enjoys soccer, wrestling, tennis, Hillsboro High School symphonic orchestra, and chess club.

Alexander playing tennis.
Alexander playing tennis.

“He’s just amazing,” Javier said, adding that he stopped playing chess with his son “a long time ago.”


“He kept beating me,” Javier said.

You can clearly tell that Javier is proud of his son and what he’s accomplished at such a young age. He says the secret to success is keeping your kids busy. Playing sports and getting involved in other activities provides teachable moments. Having your kids in a lot of clubs will help them explore different perspectives.

Alexander helping his grandma around the Portland rose garden.

Next year Alexander will be a senior in high school. He’s excited that he won this scholarship and for the opportunity for another valuable life experience through the Young Entrepreneurs Business Week.

The week-long program helps students learn about financial literacy, business fundamentals and helps them develop confidence so they can be self-sufficient and successful. The scholarship is one offered to children whose parents work at manufacturing companies through AKT, an organization which helps us with employee retirement plans.

Javier invests a lot of time giving his kids opportunities like this one.

Congratulations on this scholarship, and we hope for the best in your future endeavors.