Every year Cadet welcomes vendors from around the Northwest to our Health Fair to give our employees a chance to take time away from work and get advice related to health, wellness and financial success. We bring in a chef for a healthy catered lunch, provide a complimentary massage for every employee and free blood draws and vascular testing to screen for any potential health risks.

Some of the vendors attending this year were

  • Vancouver Volkssportsing: employee’s learned about this local club that promotes walks, but also may offer swimming, skating, skiing snowing shoeing and cross country skiing
  • CIGNA: Free body fat testing was offered
  • NW Wellness: brought biometric tests for everyone
  • Melt Body Studio: provided 10 minute chair massages

Chef Sunie Mann provided a healthy catered lunch. She presented a healthy version of a Mexican buffet showing that you can have your favorite foods with less fat, sodium, and sugars. She later did a cooking demonstration of a quinoa salad and had samples for all to try with recipe take home cards.

This year Cadet also offered Physical Fitness Testing from the President Challenge Program. Employees were able to test their flexibility, body composition, muscular strength and endurance. Everyone received a print out pointing out their areas of strengths and areas where increase focus is needed so that we can all get on the road to a healthier tomorrow’s .