Over the past few years I realized that the way people bought products was changing dramatically. Online commerce had already made it easier for people to purchase anything and have it shipped directly to their house, but social media had now changed the way people were finding solutions to their problems and making decisions on what they were going to buy.

Now, people want to connect with the companies and the products they purchase on a personal level, and people want to do business with people they like. They want to know the people behind the company, what they value and how they treat each other and the community around them.  Simply changing a logo or company colors cannot build relationships with your customers.

Our executive team had considered updating our brand for years. As a company, our culture had evolved and our brand identity – the company logo, our voice, packaging and marketing just didn’t reflect who we were anymore.  We had grown to be so much more than just the product we build.

Greg, LeAnn and Hutch from the Executive Team
Greg, LeAnn and myself from the Executive Team

Today Cadet is a group of hard-working people who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers, our community and our partners. Some of that is achieved through our products, but most of it comes through the work we do within the company and in our local communities.

It was time to have our brand reflect who we are today. We set our goal to build a brand that is authentic to who we are, that is relevant to what we do and is something that people could connect to. This was not an easy undertaking, however it sure was an interesting journey. In the end, everyone involved with the brand transformation was proud of what we accomplished, but the real test of our success was when we presented the new brand internally to all of our internal teams.

Presenting the new Cadet brand
Presenting the new Cadet brand to everyone

Faces lit up. Not everyone initially understood the purpose of why we needed the change, but with each reveal, we saw smiling faces, nodding heads and heard comments like “oh yeah, this is us” and “now I see why we needed this”.  When you’ve worked at a company 10, 20 or 30 years, it’s not always easy to let go of the past and what you’re familiar with. What proved our success was when our most seasoned veterans applauded our new brand and our efforts of capturing the true essence of Cadet today.

Our new brand simply states “This is who we are”. We are a group of people that truly build the products we’d want to keep our own families warm, and comfortable. And we care about how we go about doing that within our walls, and in the communities around us.

This is Cadet
This is Cadet