The LEAN paper airplane

Imagine you’re in an office. You can’t see the ground, the table is full of papers, and you have no idea where the wall starts and the ground begins. Your boss asks you to find a paper that he handed you last week, how easy would it be for you to do it?
What if I told you that making a few paper airplanes could help you find a solution to your problem? That’s exactly how a few of us learned the basics of LEAN manufacturing during a training course last week.

Jordan, Alex and Shari

Promoting from within

We would like to recognize Shari DeMaris, Jordan Selby and Alex Miller for their amazing work and dedication, but most importantly, for making Cadet the place where they wish to further their careers.

People of Cadet: Jacob Martinez

Jacob Martinez from our shipping department has lost about 260 pounds in the past 4 years. He was recognized this month by fellow employees for losing weight and being active. Hear more of his story by watching the video above.

Cadet maintenance department

Maintaining a factory in the USA

A great company is made up of great people. Once a month we’ll be taking a moment to recognize our individual teams that make our company the best builder of residential electric heaters in the United States. First up: Our Maintenance Department.

accounting intern

An intern you can count on

Seeing an intern in our engineering department is nothing new.  This year, however, we tried something a little different: An accounting department intern. For the past three […] Read More

Veteran photo

Thank you Veterans

At Cadet, we want to take a moment to recognize Veterans Day. Today we celebrate the service of all U.S. military veterans, while Memorial Day is a day to remember the men and women who died while in service.