The LEAN paper airplane

Imagine you’re in an office. You can’t see the ground, the table is full of papers, and you have no idea where the wall starts and the ground begins. Your boss asks you to find a paper that he handed you last week, how easy would it be for you to do it?
What if I told you that making a few paper airplanes could help you find a solution to your problem? That’s exactly how a few of us learned the basics of LEAN manufacturing during a training course last week.

Make a difference in your local community

Here at Cadet we put an emphasis on working with our neighbors to make our home town and community a better place. Sometimes it means working hard to make sure our business has a minimal impact on the environment. Other times it means donating time or money to good causes. Earlier today it took the form of learning more about an organization that is making a tremendous impact for a certain part of our population.