Holiday Luncheon

To celebrate our employees’ hard work for the last twelve months, Cadet hosts a holiday luncheon each year.  It’s an opportunity for all of us to gather and enjoy good food and great conversation, and provides the management team with an opportunity to sit with employees to hear about their holiday plans and to thank them personally for their contribution this past year to Cadet’s success.  And boy, did we have a lot of success to be thankful for this year!

Our luncheon is a BBQ (yes we grill in December because we’re not afraid of rain) and we purchase sirloin steaks from Butcher Boys, a local butcher who has supported Cadet’s holiday event for more than ten years. Owners, Jim & Pete, not only provide delicious steaks, but are known to include a Cadet employee favorite: pepperoni sticks! It’s just part of who they are and I certainly enjoyed a sample during party set up.

The side dishes are all provided by employees which offers each of us a chance to show off our cooking and baking skills. There are dishes that are asked for each year, like homemade pies (peach and apple), egg rolls, tamales, shortbread cookies and more. Everything was delicious!

Hutch talking about our Success

This year we enjoyed watching LeAnn, CFO/ Vice President of Operations, do a “money dance” as she was talking about the company’s finances which brought smiles and laughter throughout the room. Hutch, Cadet’s President, inspired the group when he spoke about our future and how everything that we achieve is a result of our incredibly talented staff.

This beloved year-end company tradition means that we get to wrap up the year with appreciation and move forward with an optimistic view into 2014.  We have a new sense of gratitude for each other, and a growing excitement for what the new year will bring.