eCommerce: Changing Cadet Heat and the world

It wasn’t long ago when the word “eCommerce” looked like a typo.

Even though auto-correct still red-lines the word eCommerce, the rest of the world is giving it the green light.

eCommerce sales are expanding much more rapidly than anyone expected, and nearly every business is playing “catch up” in this exciting new buying shift.

Why should you care? Well, likely eCommerce has already changed the way you buy products. It will change the way the world buys products, and if you’re a small business owner it will change the way you sell your product.

Cadet’s eCommerce Sales team learned of the rapid evolution of eCommerce firsthand this week at the Catalyst conference in Las Vegas.

Cadet Heat’s Director of Product Management and eCommerce, Laura Steele, meets with sales reps for ebay marketplace

We observed new technologies enabling businesses to quickly begin selling their products to customers and other businesses on a global stage. New logistics are ready to handle the information translations and the delivery processes. New metrics and analytic tools are tracking and measuring everything about the transaction and the customer. It is the new frontier of moving products from a manufacturer to the hands of the person who needs it in the most cost effective and seamless manner for all. Customers’ buying decision points have shifted, and now per review and ratings overpower traditional marketing approaches; Customers are more likely to select a product based on the reactions of other customers.

eCommerce Marketing Specialist Kevin Richards and Cadet Heat President Hutch Johnson at the Catalyst conference in Las Vegas.

I’m pleased that Cadet is uniquely positioned to serve these customers as our product reviews will now begin appearing on our website. Our products have been sold for more than 58 years to tens of thousands of warm and happy customers. And hopefully those customers will begin sharing their experiences with Cadet Heat.

Hutch Johnson

Hutch Johnson

Hutch became CEO of Cadet in 2016, when the company was acquired by Glen Dimplex. He spent the previous 18 years as President of the company. Since taking the helm, Hutch has led Cadet’s transformation into a lean, efficient, and globally recognized manufacturer of electric heating products.

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    Exciting changes indeed. I’m sure your customers will have great things to say, lending further credence to the quality of your products and the good people at Cadet.

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