Shortly after moving into a new home, my mom found that her favorite room was nearly unusable. A sunroom overlooking a quiet backyard was her favorite place to enjoy her morning coffee, read and entertain. The problem was it just got too cold in the winter.

She didn’t want to run the central heating all day and night to heat just this room for the short time she actually spent in there. Once she realized this was becoming an issue, she would notice how her friends handled their cold sunrooms. One friend put in a space heater that doubled as an end table. That heater looked nice, but cost over $500 and she had trouble seeing the value in spending that much. Another friend installed an AC/Heater combo unit, again costing almost $600 and it seemingly ran all the time. It was so noisy while she was there that they had to move to the other side of the room to carry on a conversation.

Warm up the cold sunroom

I listened to her patiently as she lamented the loss of her sunroom for the remainder of the winter, knowing full well I could help her find an ideal solution. At that point she had no idea that the upcoming Midwest winter would be one of the toughest in recent memory. I was excited to let her know that this is a perfect application for Cadet heaters, even in a house that had central heating.

The sunroom had been an addition to the original house, with three walls that are all windows and the back wall is brick. Installing a wall heater was not going to be the best option for her particular space. The better solution was to go with a more traditional baseboard heater.  The room is approximately 200 square feet, so two 1000 watt baseboard heaters would be perfect to keep the room comfortable. The heaters were installed by her long time handyman and literally overnight, my mom could enjoy her sunroom once again.

“It’s 8 degrees outside and I’m sitting in my sunroom, no sun, wondering if my thermometer is working because it’s so nice in here.”

Looking back at her winter energy costs, my mom determined that at the height of the cold spell, the addition of these baseboard heaters added just $12 to her electric bill. Well worth it to be able to enjoy all the comforts of home.

Economical. Quiet. Comfortable. The perfect sunroom solution to meet all of her needs in order to invite warmth.

Warm up the cold sunroom