Should the Com-Pak Twin heater be installed vertically or horizontally?

The Com-Pak Twin electric heater is a popular model and a great choice for heating large areas or eliminating drafts and cold spots.

As with all of our heaters, the Com-Pak Twin is safety tested and approved—but only if it’s installed in the horizontal position (where the heater elements are on the top and fans are on the bottom).

Twin Electric Heater

If the Com-Pak Twin is mistakenly installed in a vertical position, not only will it void the warranty, but it could affect the safe operation of the heater and present a dangerous situation. No one wants that!

These Cadet wall heaters can be installed vertically or horizontally:

  • Com-Pak
  • Com-Pak Max

So please, when you’re installing any Cadet heater, read the owner’s guide and product-specific FAQ. And remember, Com-Pak Twin = horizontal installation only!

Jonathan Kaylor

Jonathan Kaylor

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