Where’s the cord on my heater?

While some of you may laugh at this question, it’s common, and legitimate!

When talking about electric heaters, many people envision a space-heater that plugs into the wall and produces electric heat. In fact, Cadet does sell garage and utility heaters that plug in to heat garages or outdoor shops.

However, other Cadet electric heaters are actually installed into a wall cavity or along a baseboard and are safely hardwired to an electrical circuit.

Wall and baseboard heaters provide efficient heat and warmth for the room you’re in—not the ones you’re not. They’re easy to install and provide safety features so you can enjoy a warm, comfortable living space.

Plus, you’ll never see—or trip over—a pesky cord from a baseboard or wall heater. Everything’s nice and safe inside, creating the best warmth for you and your home.

Baseboard Heater

Jonathan Kaylor

Jonathan Kaylor

The glue that holds Cadet’s customer service team together, Jonathan Kaylor would like you to know that he isn’t as stressed as he looks. In addition to empowering his team members to make decisions that keep their customers happy, this Renaissance man is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, cook, runner and player of stupid phone games.

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