As the healthiest company in Southwest Washington according to the Vancouver Business Journal, Cadet continually considers and deepens our definition of what it means to be healthy and how we can empower our employees to make healthier decisions.

So much of our wellness program has been focused around exercise and getting our employees to be physically active, but we know that exercise combined with a healthy diet can have even more powerful results. This led us to examine the food options that our employees have available to them while they’re at Cadet.

We have vending machines on campus with chips, soda and candy. There is a convenient store close by which offers very few healthy options. And the amount of time employees have for their lunch break makes it challenging to find a restaurant where they can get a healthy lunch and still make it back in time from their break. It was clear that we needed to find a way to better support our employees in making positive food choices.

As always, we looked to our employees for ideas to make us better. Alfonso Mesa, one of our plant employees, suggested Avanti Markets after he saw them at a family member’s workplace. It’s probably no coincidence that I ran into Avanti again as a vendor at an HR Conference, so we thought they might be a great partner for Cadet’s Wellness Program.

Avanti Markets is a fresh food kiosk set up in our employee cafeteria offering a wide variety of delicious food options including fresh fruit, salads, sandwiches and so much more. It’s easy and convenient for breaks, lunches and even for take home to continue the healthy mindset. And as an added benefit, no food goes to waste. Food that is close to expiration is donated to a local food shelter.


While there are still some traditional vending machine option available, our Avanti Market has given our employees access to healthier meal choices and the ability to support a local food shelter, while allowing Cadet to further define what corporate health and wellness can be for our people. Enjoy Health.