We love to hear from our customers about how they use our products and the comfort they bring to their home. While people like to warm up their garage or workshop with The Hot One heater, we’ve received requests for a similar product that could work in a slightly smaller space. With our product team on the task, we’re now introducing The Hot One in a 4,000 watt model, using a 20 amp receptacle that will be manufactured here in the USA.

The Hot One in Garage

Customers told us that they appreciate the premium, robust features and functionality of The Hot One, and now they can bring that same warmth into their smaller work spaces.

The Hot One Garage Heater

To highlight how well this powerful heater fits into a home garage, we called Premier Garages in Keizer, Oregon to help us with a photo shoot. They were excited about the opportunity to partner with a local company on a fun project that would showcase their work of transforming clutter garages into efficient spaces.

Here are some of the pictures from our shoot. If you’re interested in The Hot One for your own garage or workshop, check out our online retailers starting March 2014.