In case you haven’t heard, Friday was National Manufacturing Day. It’s a day to celebrate manufacturing and inspire the next generation of United States workers.

Take Your Child to Work Day
Tyffany’s son Gabe takes a tour of the Cadet plant on Take Your Child to Work Day 2015. See more photos on our Facebook gallery.
cadet intern
Guy Ralstin, Senior Mechanical Engineer, right, and engineering intern Eugene, one of two drafting interns working at Cadet from Clark College in the fall 2014 term.
port commissioner tour
Cadet Director of Operations Frank Twardoch, left front, gives Port of Vancouver officials a tour of our plant.

Naturally, we’re very proud that we build and assemble all of our heaters in our plant in Vancouver, Washington. And we couldn’t do that without all of our fantastic employees. Since our plant is closed on Friday, we celebrated a day early with donuts, coffee and flavored creamers during the morning break. We’re so thankful for everything our employees do for us on a daily basis.

In fact, we’re so proud of our crew, that we take every chance we get to show off what we do.

Whether it’s having our families come for Take Your Child to Work Day; mentoring interns (there have been a few of them); working with other manufacturers; or giving plant tours to our business partners, we’re always trying to educate folks on why we do what we do.

You might say, we live everyday like it’s #MFGDAY.