Energy Plus heater
Kimberly and Todd with “The Daring Gourmet” installed Energy Plus heaters in their micro-housing project near Seattle.

When Kimberly of the lifestyle blog The Daring Gourmet was looking for a way to heat a 250-square-foot micro-dwelling, Cadet was at the top of her list.

Kimberly first reached out to us in early 2016 looking for heaters. Her family recently moved into a 104-year-old home outside Seattle. There were several outbuildings on the property, including one with a 250-square-foot apartment. Kimberly and her husband were completely refurbishing the space — which hadn’t been in use since the 1970s — to turn it into a micro-dwelling for visiting family.

And guess what? They needed heat.

Electric heat works well with the small space

Kimberly didn’t have the space to install a furnace and didn’t want to go with an expensive or complicated heating system. Cadet heaters came highly recommended from her friends and were an attractive option because they’re affordable and easy to install.

It sounded like a project that we wanted to be a part of.

Finding the right heaters

After Kimberly worked with our tech support team, she decided to install an Energy Plus for the main living area, a Com-Pak Bath for the bathroom and the Perfectoe for the kitchen.

We sent her the heaters. In exchange, we asked Kimberly to share her honest feedback on how they work and to send us a few photos of the project to use here on our blog.

The verdict

So, what does she think?

“We’re really happy with and highly recommend Cadet’s heaters – they’re the perfect solution for our guesthouse!” She writes on her blog.

For more information on the project and more detailed thoughts on our heaters, be sure to check out The Daring Gourmet: