Award from AHA

When a company goes through a re-branding the way we have over the past year and a half, everyone must work together to make sure the brand truly reflects the business. Many times a company’s new brand is aspirational, striving to be something greater than they are today. That was not the case for us here at Cadet. Our new brand is a reflection of who we already are, a group of hard-working people who are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers, our community and our partners. Our new brand gives us permission to be ourselves.

We were fortunate to be able to work with AHA!, one of the industry leaders in brand design. The folks there led us through this redesign and helped us tell our story in a way that was meaningful for our employees and our customers.  We were very excited when the whole project team from AHA! stopped by our offices to share with us the Corporate Identity Program Award of Excellence from the Business Marketing Association’s Global B2 Awards presented in May.

B2 Award

“A brand is actually owned by the customer,” says Greg Klose, VP of Sales and Marketing for Cadet. “And this award is an affirmation of the efforts of a large team that created a brand that’s honest, that represents who we are and one that customers can hold onto and believe in.”

At Cadet, we know who we are and we are very comfortable in our own skin. We take a lot of pride in going about our business the right way, every day. And we are honored to share in this award with our friends at AHA! as validation that we are on the right path.