On any given day, I can walk around our manufacturing floor and see the pride of our Cadet Employees shine in every heater we build and ship from our Vancouver, Washington facility. The enthusiasm and authentic care is there every minute of every day, even Monday mornings. This is a passionate, dedicated and hard-working group of individuals that come together  to build something that makes a difference to the people we serve.

Cadet Wins Seattle Business Magazine Washington Manufacturers Award

Today is no different as we celebrate the news that Seattle Business Magazine recognized Cadet as the winner of their 2014 Washington Manufacturing Building Trades award. As I stood on the podium accepting the award last Thursday evening I directed attention to our operations team seated at table 18 and asked everyone to join me in honoring the people that really earn these awards. The room exploded in applause. I firmly believe that they are why we were nominated in the first place and why we eventually won.

Hutch Johnson Seattle Business Magazine Awards

As I look at all of our successes and achievements over the years, it always comes down to the efforts and passion from our people. They are what make the difference.