How to remove the built-in thermostat from a Com-Pak Twin

How to remove the built-in thermostat from a Com-Pak Twin

We’ve shown you how to remove the built-in thermostat from a Com-Pak wall heater, now we’re going to show you how to do the same thing with a Com-Pak Twin.

Why would you want to do that? Depending on where you live and what store you like to shop at, it can be easier to find a Twin heater with a built-in thermostat than one without one. You can just get rid the thermostat yourself by removing a few screws and cutting one connection on the back of the heater.

How to use the Apex72’s Orient Ring in a new construction install

We worked architects and contractors on the design of our newest heater, the Apex72. We wanted to design a heater that would go high up on the wall, so it can maximize the available living space. Architects wanted a heater that had no visible screws and an updated design.

As we were getting ready to launch the heater, we sent it to our friends at Orient Electric for testing. They suggested we create a part that can help streamline the install process and help keep the grill flush with the wall. We took their feedback and created a part, which we affectionately call “the Orient Ring,” to do just that.

In a new construction installation, the ring is installed on the framing before drywall goes up. Once the wall is painted and textured, you use a spiral saw to cut along the inside of the Orient Ring. You’ll end up with a hole that is perfectly sized for the heater’s wall can.

But enough with the talking, just check out the video above to see how it works.

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