take your kid to work day
Cadet Heat workers show their kids how our American-made heaters are painted

Take Your Child to Work Day is a national event. All over the U.S. moms and dads are taking their kids for a little career “show and tell.” So this year, more than 50 Vancouver, Washington area kids came to see what their parents spend their time doing at Cadet.

“The workplace is like a family,” says Cadet President, Hutch Johnson. “If you think about it, this is where their parents spend a large chunk of time, so it’s good for the kids to see who dad works with and what he does.”  And, Hutch adds: “It gives us a chance to see all these cute little kids”.

See the smiling faces for yourself in our video:

There’s a serious side to this issue as well. The National Institute of Standards and Technology says there’s an ever-widening skill gap that’s hurting American Manufacturers. Researchers found that–while over 70 percent of Americans view manufacturing as the most important industry for a strong economy– only 30 percent of American parents encourage their kids to enter manufacturing careers. Read the entire report here.

We’re not sure how many young one’s will make manufacturing a career after taking a tour of our operational plant.  But isn’t it good to educate them that these sort of jobs still exist in America?  In fact, check out this report from 2013…for some tips on how to increase your company’s chance of finding good, quality workers.

take your kids to work day
Kids get to sit in on a Cadet Heat Management meeting with CEO Hutch Johnson and VP of Sales and Marketing, Greg Klose.

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