It’s always exciting to see what resurfaces during an office remodel.

If you haven’t heard, we’re just about finished with month-long office redesign. Before it began, Michael Listberger, Director of Information Technology, uncovered a 10-year-old artifact behind the whiteboard in his office.


Old Cadet logo
The old Cadet logo that was uncovered during a remodel.

“I always knew something was there,” he said of the painting. What appeared to be a sticker of the old company logo ended up being hand-painted logo by Stacy Bredeson, daughter of Deb Price, who works in our accounting department.

Deb used to sit in Michael’s office and about 8 years ago her daughter (who would frequently visit mom at work) spent a few hours painting the logo with acrylic paint. Don’t worry folks, Deb made sure the company OK’ed the work before the brush hit the drywall.

The rest is history.

paint signature

Stacy says she is still into art, although her new preferred medium is creative cake decorating. (I’m thinking it’s about time for her to try making a version of our new logo in cake form. Yum!)

It’s fun getting to look back at our not-so-distant past. We’re glad Stacy was able to spend time with her mom and express some of her creativity at the same time. Who knows what we’ll find during the next office remodel project.