Another year spent helping others

As a member of Cadet’s Green Team, I keep the tally of the community involvement and volunteer hours for our company. Our employees do a great job letting me know how they’ve been involved helping out in our community.

In 2014 we logged over 1,520 hours. Only 130 of those were on-the-clock at company sponsored event. That means employees spent about 58 days volunteering in their local communities on their own time.

It always gives me both a sense of pride, and a sense of humility, to see so many people give so much of their time and effort for others. I can’t say it surprises me though. That’s the culture we have here at Cadet, and that’s the type of people we employ.

It’s easily seen by the way our team and our departments help each other, and our customers, on a daily basis. What does surprise me at times are the diverse ways that our employees volunteer.

Everything from major charity fund raisers, to coaching sports or leading scouts, to helping an elderly neighbor clean their gutters, to serving homeless and low-income people at a local shelter and sending our leadership team out to clean up a stretch of highway.

Thanks to everyone for the great year.

Steve Capuano

Steve Capuano

Steve Capuano is passionate about motorcycles, kayaking, swimming and hiking, and the work he does for Cadet in his role as Lean Enterprise Champion. Using his ninja-like chameleonic skills, he effortlessly integrates, participates and communicates with each department, and at every level of the business, leading change and managing projects for continuous improvement. He has served for twenty years both as an enlisted soldier and an officer in the New York Army National Guard.

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