What’s the deal with SoftHEAT baseboards?

SoftHEAT vs standard baseboard
The Cadet SoftHEAT baseboard, front left, uses a non-toxic heat-transfer fluid to deliver consistent heat to your room.


There’s a lot to like when it comes to our standard baseboard heater. It has no moving parts, operates silently, is made with quality materials, is assembled in the United States and, of course, keeps you and your family warm.

If you have a baseboard heater and are happy with it, great. If you’re looking to make an upgrade or replacement and want to consider your options, you should check out our premium SoftHEAT hydronic baseboard. It offers all the same benefits of a standard baseboard, with the added bonus of a larger heating chamber and lower surface temperatures, which translates to more comfort.


A standard electric baseboard generates heat when electricity passes through a heating element. The element spreads heat to the surrounding air through metal fins attached to the element.

With SoftHEAT, the heating element is enclosed in a copper tube with non-toxic fluid inside. The element heats the fluid, which disperses the heat to the aluminum fins along the heater tube. It may sound like a subtle difference, but it’s anything but. The heating element in a SoftHEAT baseboard isn’t exposed to the air, which means surface temperatures on the unit are much lower than they are on a standard baseboard. That’s great for homes with children. It also helps those with allergies because the heater doesn’t singe airborne particles in the air or dry out the air as much as a standard baseboard.

The fluid around the element also holds heat longer than a standard baseboard, which means the heater doesn’t need to be on quite as often to keep your room at your desired temperature. That means you’ll save on your electric bill, especially if you pair it with an electronic thermostat with a baseboard setting.

Yes, the SoftHEAT does come at a higher price point than a standard electric baseboard, but it should ultimately keep you more comfortable in your home. Is that worth the investment? Here’s what our customers are saying about SoftHEAT:

“I have electric heat throughout my house. I began to replace my 45 year old electric registers with Cadet SoftHEAT a few years ago. I like the smoothing out of heat/cold curve and the lack of dust. I have noticed my energy usage has dropped as well, but I can’t solely credit that to Cadet as I’ve also replaced the thermostats for the units as well.”

East Granby, Connecticut

“Installed in my bedroom , very quiet when on and gives me an even heat throughout my room. Thanks for great product .”

Kalispell, Montana

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