• Uses up to 30% less energy
  • Delivers only the heat you need when you need it
  • Variable fan speed and wattage adjusts automatically to room requirements
  • Digital thermostat provides precise temperature control
  • One touch Night/Away button for quick stop & resume control
  • Easy to use - no complicated programming required


  • Consistent automatic temperature control
  • Precise digital temperature setting
  • Quiet variable speed fan
  • Rapid heat up of cold rooms
  • Three operating modes
  • Over temperature safety shut-off


  • Easy replacement with ComPak series wall can
  • 5 year warranty; Low maintenance
  • Sealed element for durability
  • No costly duct work for new installs
  • Backlit display for easy viewing of comfort settings
  • Smart Voltage detector
  • Space saving design
  • Min/Max tamper proof and child safety settings

Made in the USA

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA: that’s the Cadet Energy Plus heater.

Our goal was to create a heater with smarter technology that delivered genuine energy savings and better comfort, at an affordable price. And, we wanted to accomplish all of this by utilizing local resources and talent.

Our challenge: How could we provide affordable new technology and remain local to stay true to our core values of high quality and efficiency? What key features did our customers want to make the product easy to use and to experience more comfort? Using Lean Manufacturing, could we design the product to build and assemble quickly and flawlessly every time?

First, we talked to homeowners and renters. We asked how they used the products today – what did they like best about Cadet wall heaters…what did they wish their heaters could do differently? We also listened to electricians, builders, and architects discuss what features they demanded for energy efficiency and easier installation, and what features they felt homeowners would prefer.

What we heard loud and clear: you love room by room heating solutions, but want to eliminate temperature swings. And, can we please make a wall heater that’s super quiet, and uses less energy? The answer was yes, but we needed help in creating a new technology platform that could help us deliver. We hired a local engineering team to assist, and formed an internal cross functional team dedicated to bringing the product to market.

Our USA partners who helped along the way are:

  • Sigma Design, Vancouver WA; engineering support
  • Controltek, Vancouver, WA; electronic control
  • DuPont Industries, USA; high temperature paint
  • Oregon Metal Slitters, Portland, OR; steel and metal
  • R& D Plastics, Hillsboro, OR; blower
  • GM Nameplate, Beaverton, OR; Cadet badge
  • Sasquatch Agency, Portland, OR; marketing support
  • E.F. Design, Vancouver, WA; web design
  • Metropolitan Group, Portland OR; research
  • Chesapeake Group, Cincinnati, OH; package design
  • Columbia Corrugated, Tualatin OR; corrugated packaging
  • Omega Printing, Vancouver, WA; instruction manual
  • Westmark, Lake Oswego, Oregon; product labels
  • Steven J. Sullivan, Portland, OR; patent
  • Intertek/ETL, Courtland NY; product testing

Ultimately we achieved our goals of designing and building a smart new solution that uses up to *30% less energy and provides greater comfort, and more features at a price that’s affordable for the average homeowner. We are proud of the end result, and look forward to bringing more comfort and energy saving products to the market.
Thanks for supporting Cadet and products developed and built in the USA. We hope you will enjoy the comfort of your new heater for many years to come.

*vs. a traditional wall heater with a basic thermostat