Professional products - Apex-72

Above all More room
Apex72 Above all More room
Apex72 Above all More room

Designed with the pros in mind

Mounts 72-90 inches above the floor, creating more usable living space

Compact, self-contained heater provides even warmth through room with no ductwork required.

Higher placement keeps heat source away from people and pets

Contemporary look for modern trends

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gaining living space

Apex72 Complete unit
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A cleaner, more efficient install

Regardless of drywall depth, the Orient Ring ensures flush, level install

Mount the wall can after drywall, for an even cleaner install

Cover is secured by strong magnets for easy removal and cleaning



Apex72 Complete unit
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Outlet grill comes in two designs: classic louver or hexagonal pattern

Contemporary design with no visible fasteners for modern interiors


Built to last

Wallcan, Heatbox, and Grill
Apex 72 element
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Durable, sealed heating element provides lasting warmth

Save maintenance costs by cleaning every 24 months

The buzz

“The Apex makes my unit inspections easier because I don’t have to worry about furniture or drapery covering up the heater and asking the resident to keep that area clear.”
Randy W, Maintenance Supervisor

“With building designers and owners striving to develop more efficient housing; wall space is at a premium.”
Mike O, Owner of Orient Electric

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