Professional Energy Plus

| Save up to 30% over basic wall heaters

Energy savings

variable-speed fan and fan-only mode

Fan quietly circulates air throughout your room and helps prevent moisture in warmer months

Variable-wattage heat

Keep your room at the desired temperature

night/away mode

Save energy when you’re asleep or not in the room

Simple heater operation at-a-glance

Built in digital controls are non-programmable and easy-to-use.

Energy savings

The electronic control keeps your room within one degree of your set point, versus eight degree swings with a basic thermostat.

Smart install or upgrade

The Energy Plus fits
in the same wall can
as the Com-Pak,
Com-Pak Bath and
Com-Pak Max heaters.

The buzz

“Great upgrade. I bought this unit to replace a normal wall
heater without a thermostat once I upgraded a bonus room
above my garage. Works great for climate control.”
Amy J., Hood River OR
“I love them. They maintain a much more consistent temperature in the rooms… They seem to be more efficient than the old wall heaters and are definitely quieter"
P. Bennett, Seattle WA