An efficient and economical solution, the C600 thermostats help you control temperature while saving energy. Durable internal metal components ensure reliable performance, and the ventilated cover design enhances sensitivity to room temperature changes.


Non-programmable mechanical

  • Fast, efficient, snap-action switching
  • Heat-anticipated models provide closer and more balanced temperature regulation
  • Choose tamperproof models to control the minimum and maximum temperature settings
  • For use with 120, 208, and 240 volt electric baseboard or wall heaters

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2 Stage, 22 Amp/Stage, Ivory

Part #: 43380
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Cooling or Heating, Line Voltage (55ºF to 85ºF), 22Amp, Ivory

Part #: 43384
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Anticipated Mechanical, Tamper Proof,Double Pole, 22 Amp, Ivory

Part #: 43392
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Anticipated Mechanical, Single Pole, 25 Amp, Ivory

Part #: 43390
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Anticipated Mechanical,Double Pole, 25 Amp, Ivory

Part #: 43396
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Available in ivory

Technical Information

Setpoint range: 55°F to 85°F (13°C to 30°C)

22 or 25 amps maximum load

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