An ideal pairing for your Cadet electric baseboard heater, the Smart-Base delivers precise comfort and control that’s accurate to within two degrees Fahrenheit. Customize your own heating schedule for weekdays and weekends.

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Programmable built-in baseboard thermostat

  • Controls temperature with a 2-degree comfort range for up to 28% savings on your heating bill
  • Save energy and time—customize up to four daily programs, or use the 5-1-1 option to schedule your weekdays and weekends
  • Convenient push-button controls
  • Digital display screen makes it easy to see room temperature, time, and day
  • Install on either end of standard Cadet electric 208 or 240 volt baseboard heaters
  • Double pole (4 wires) with positive off position

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Smart-Base Thermostat Kit Retail Pack DP, 12.6A, White

Part #: 03400

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Available in white

Technical Information

Setpoint range: 41°F to 86°F (5°C to 30°C)

No batteries required

Only time and day need to be reset after a power outage. Program will be maintained indefinitely.

Controls Cadet standard F series 240 or 208 volt electric baseboards only

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