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Great Product

Quick and easy installation takes only minutes. very universal and cost effective

Cadet heater replaced

Had a 1000w cadet baseboard heater for 5 years no problems... Suddenly one evening started making loud noises... Checked and found the oil filled heater had blown a leak suddenly and no longer able to work effectively. Called cadet doubtful anything would be done...however got a hold of Jordan S who responded promptly and after simply sending him the request pictures of damaged heater and needed receipts new heater was sent out free of charge...Awesome customer service when dealing with my issue...A+ thank u

Jon, Pennsylvania
Awesome experience

I called about a defective unit, and Mr. Jordan Selby helped tremendously. He walked me thru fix-it problems and we came up with a solution. Top notch CS representative, and I highly rec'mnd any Cadet products. I manage 6 units and all have Cadet heaters in the bathrooms, and two in the main rooms. Cadet and your CS reps are all 5-stars. Thank you (especially the professionalism of Jordan)

Matt L., CA
Reasonable Prices, Quick Service

Found exactly what I was looking for at reasonable price and with free shipping. I also called in to talk to a technician, no on hold wait time ,and within 1 minute confirmed that the part I was looking at would fit our specific Cadet heater model (that is probably 15+ years old)! Would definitely recommend this company. :)

J Giambastini, California
Efficient heaters

We replaced two original baseboard heaters in our 1961 home with Cadet Model#6F1500. They are efficient, quiet and heat up the room quickly.

D Miller, Indiana
Doing a great job

doing a great/economical job

J Hudon, Washington
Bathroom Heater

Very nice product, all copper wiring. Very easy to install and ideal to supplement heating in a could bathroom at the top of winter. I greatly recommend.

J Ferrer, Texas
Long life and confortable heating

I have been using SoftHeat baseboards units since they have first appeared in Montreal, say early 90's. This is long before the availability of electronic thermostats such as the AUBE units. These were designed to modulate the heat and give a more constant temp. The SoftHeat units were way ahead of things to ensure the users of quality, confortable and efficient heating. I will again buy Softheat for my new renovation project.

J Pannunzio, Montreal Qc.
Cadet 13102

A purchased as a direct replacement for thawed baseboard heaters originally installed in our home built in 1973. They were the same dimensions , but were much lighter and have thus far been very quiet and much more efficient as well. Satisfied I was able to find a nice quality heater that saved me a lot of time and effort with out a lot of rework. Thanks!

T. Kemp, Ohio
Cadet 6F1500 Baseboard Heater

Purchased this at Menards not knowing what to expect. This is a Quality product in every way from ease of install, directions for install, and quality finish and operation. Second to none. Thanks for your great affordable product.

D. Colegrove, Ohio
Garage Heater

I live near Moorhead, MN 3.5 hrs NW of Minneapolis. I installed model RCP5025 in my insulated garage. Garage is 672 sq ft and this heater has had no problem maintaining temp so far. It's a well-built, high-quality heater.

S. Hauf, MN
Cozy Daughter

The Com-Pak heater in my daughter's room has been keeping her toasty at night for 3 years without missing a beat, but mom & dad are chilly at night while watching TV. Not anymore! I easily moved her Com-Pak to the basement TV room using the identical new can, and got her the very nice and efficient Energy Plus model. I swapped it into the existing can in 5 minutes flat and used the new can for the basement. Now everyone is toasty now.

K. Vlach, mn
Wall Heater Testimonial

We are so happy with the Model 68527 Cadet Heater that we purchased through The Home Depot. Ease of installation, price, the heat in general. Has been a great investment for our home. Safety and quietness also are remarkable.

J. Fitch, KY


R. Ryan, NJ
Cadet CSC152TW Heater

This was a replacement for a Cadet older (1982 installation) model. The size difference concerned me at first. But after going on the Cadet web site, I found there was an adapter to permit covering the old opening. It was easy to install both the adapter and heating unit. And it looks great too. The 240 VAC Cadet heater model CSC152TW heats our bath area ( 5' x 6') very well on the lower setting. I highly recommend this heater and adapter.

D. Hamilton,
Soft Heat Model

I called the factory to verify the specs of heater my contractor was installing. I upgraded to the Soft Heat model for safety. Your customer engineering is outstanding. Most Professional that I have encountered. Regards, JBM

JB Mullin, Virginia
Thank you so much for your help and great customer service.

We've been very happy with your product and we will continue to buy your heaters.

D. Francis, WI
Thanks for the wonderful installation video.

I just wanted some clarification and the video was fantastic. I didn't have to call or talk to anyone, but this is a great customer service.

R. Potter, CO
Your tech support and customer service deserve recognition.

It is a pleasure to purchase products from a company where you can call and talk to a knowledgeable, obviously caring person on the other end.

M. Jorgensen, WI
In the fall I was a happy Cadet owner.

After the winter, I am an elated customer. Last year it was very expensive to heat my apartment home. This winter I used two of your heaters. It cost me less than $100 a month, and I was cozy warm. The savings, over this winter in utility costs are remarkable. We will be using more of your wonderful heaters.

A. Fender, PA
I just completed a remodel in my house and purchased three of your wall fan heaters.

I thoroughly enjoy the quiet, efficient operation of the heaters and know that they will save on my energy bills. I am controlling three heaters (two fan units and one baseboard) with your TH110 thermostats.

M. Levy, CA
I wanted some additional information on a Cadet garage heater that I had recently purchased.

I called your customer service department and was promptly answered by a real live person. Imagine my surprise. I'm so used to getting a recording when making these types of calls. The tech rep was very knowledgeable and helpful, answering all my questions and providing just what I needed. Thanks for great customer service and tech support. A rare thing in today’s world.

J. Greene, OH
I have been using Cadet heaters for over 20 years.

Their reliability is great. The heat they throw out is very good. I am so pleased with Cadet. Keep up the good work.

B. Parker, WA
We have a three-story house and the bottom two floors are heated with a forced-air gas furnace.

The bedrooms are on the top level, and each has its own Cadet in-wall unit. I like to keep the heat turned down in the house at night but my wife likes it warm. So we compromise. The downstairs cools down overnight, while she gets to pre-heat the bedroom by turning it up an hour before bedtime. And we keep the bedroom toasty while the rest of the house cools down.

G. Eisen, WA
Thank you

Thank you to Cadet and your staff for your customer service and support. In a day and age when so many companies have elected not to have true customer support, it's great to encounter a company who stands by their product.

L. Klassen, MN
The customer service and tech departments are wonderful.

've encountered very friendly, helpful, and caring people. I wish all companies provided such dedicated help.

K. Well, OR
Thanks Cadet

Thanks Cadet, for making an affordable product with high-end performance. I built an 1100 square-foot home in the country and have been in it for five heating seasons. My options were limited to electric baseboard heat or a geothermal system. Baseboard units and thermostats for the entire home were less than $500, while a geothermal system would have been over $7,000. With the Cadet baseboard units properly installed I have been able to keep my total house electric bill under $1,300 a year for the five years I have lived in my home. The Cadets have worked flawlessly and have required zero maintenance.

D. Congdon, MI
I ordered two baseboard heaters and two thermostats

but I had ordered two different colors. I received a personal phone call from Cadet to address the discrepancy in my order. Thank you for the call and the correction to my order.

D. Blythe, CA
I bought the Energy Plus for my bedroom

and couldn't be happier. It’s quiet and extremely effective. The old ones in the living and dining room are so loud I can’t even hear my television. The Energy Plus is very quiet. Thank you for a great product.

B. Perry, WA