Guy Ralstin, Senior Mechanical Engineer, right, and engineering intern Eugene work on an exploded diagram of a NLW heater for customer service representatives on Monday, Oct. 13, 2014. Eugene is one of two drafting interns working at Cadet from Clark College in the fall 2014 term.
Guy Ralstin, Senior Mechanical Engineer, back, and engineering intern Eugene work on an exploded diagram of a NLW heater.

Our interns do more than just go for coffee runs.

Cadet’s engineering department is taking two Clark College students under its wing for the fall 2014 quarter. It’s not the first time we’ve hosted interns.

Guy Ralstin, Senior Mechanical Engineer, said we had interns from the school’s drafting program last fall also. Students work with our drafting software, which is also used at Clark. This year they’re working on product diagrams that will be used available as a resource to our customers.

“They’re actually producing work that will benefit customers and be available online,” Guy said. “It’s working out really well.”

Guy says working here also gives the students practical experience using our design tools and controlled document management system, which involves file ownership, permissions and checking files in and out of the virtual vault. That software isn’t something used at Clark currently.

There’s a lot to learn about the software and systems, according to Eugene, a Mechanical Computer-Aided Drafting/Design student, who is one of our interns.

“Real world experience in the workplace is very valuable,” he said. “You apply the skills, it’s not just about learning.”

Eugene credits his brother, who is a manufacturing engineer, with getting him interested in going to school to become an engineer.

The interns will also have a chance to work on projects that involve 3D modeling. One of those projects will be with our newest heater, the Apex72.

Our other intern, Joel, is finishing up his drafting certificate. He plans on continuing to earn his associates degree and eventually a bachelor’s degree.

“During the school day they teach you the basics,” he said. On the job you apply what you learn and see what it is like to work in the field.

We’re happy to get to work with such outstanding students and wish them the best in their future careers in engineering.

Intern Joel Segura works in the engineering department at Cadet.
Intern Joel works in the engineering department at Cadet.
Joel works with a 3D model of a Cadet wall heater.