Before and after photos of Apex72 upgrade
The Vancouver Housing Authority upgraded old baseboard heaters in one of its shelters to the Apex72 to get the heaters up out of the way, and to create more flexibility with furniture placement.

When the Vancouver Housing Authority and Share needed to upgrade aging electric baseboard heaters at Orchards Inn, a 13-room temporary housing shelter for families in Southwest Washington, they partnered with Cadet to install the Apex72 electric wall heater.


Share and VHA needed heaters that:

  • wouldn’t limit furniture placement in the rooms, which often have multiple beds
  • would effectively and quickly heat living spaces
  • were easy to control
  • improved upon building firewall requirements


  • The Apex72 heater is installed six feet above the floor, adding new floor space for furniture and now completely out of the way of children
  • New heaters circulate warm air throughout the room, quietly and efficiently
  • New electronic thermostats are easy-to-control, bring greater comfort to the residents, and offer energy savings not available with old fashioned thermostats