How to remove a built-in thermostat from a Com-Pak heater

How to remove the built-in thermostat from a Com-Pak heater

If you walk into a big box store to buy a Com-Pak wall heater, chances are the only models you’ll find on the shelf have built-in thermostats. Those are handy if you’re looking for a simple new install, but not necessary if you plan on using your heater with a wall thermostat.

If you want to use your heater with a wall thermostat, you have a few options. You can special order a unit without a built-in. You can override the built-in thermostat by turning it to the highest (hottest) position and just using the wall thermostat to control the heater’s output. But the most simple solution of all is to just remove the built-in thermostat.

Don’t worry folks, it isn’t as complicated as it may sound. You just need to remove a few screws and cut one wire. This video will show you exactly how to do it.