A maintenance manager at a garden-style community in Portland upgraded from baseboard heaters to the Apex72 to reduce maintenance calls and free up living space for residents.

Apartment with baseboard heater
BEFORE: Property management at Park Terrace apartments in Portland, OR spent a lot of time responding to maintenance requests related to electric baseboard heaters.

Problem: Baseboards blocked by furniture, drapes

Randy W., maintenance supervisor at Park Terrace, said he would see baseboard heaters blocked by furniture and drapes on a lot of unit inspections. That means he’d need to ask renters to move furniture away from the heaters and schedule a follow up appointment.

When it was time to upgrade heaters, Randy wanted to find something that would allow a little more flexibility for furniture. That would make his residents happy, reduce the time he spent on follow up appointments and find something that would easily fit into the rooms.

Apex72 heaters
AFTER: The Apex72 is installed at least 6 feet off the floor, which resolves issues with furniture blocking the heaters at Park Terrace apartments.

Solution: An electric heater that’s out of the way

By upgrading to the Apex72, heaters are now up off the floor and out of the way of furniture and drapes, greatly reducing follow-up inspections and problems with blocked heaters.

“It makes my unit inspections easier, as I don’t have to worry about furniture and drapery covering up the heater.” —Randy W. Maintenance Supervisor

There are other added benefits to upgrading to the Apex72 from baseboards. Fans in the Apex72 also help circulate warm air which help prevent mold issues and quickly and efficiently heat up the apartments. And the new electronic thermostats (required with the Apex72) are easy to control, bring greater comfort to the residents and offer energy savings not available with the old knob-style thermostats they replaced.

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