We don’t really want to suggest that finding the right place to install your heater is an art form, but a lot goes into finding the ideal spot for your heater to live.

It all comes down to your room layout, air circulation, furniture placement, and how those things work in conjunction with heater clearance requirements and guidelines.

To help illustrate the types of things you need to watch out for, we sent Steve from our Tech Support department to our Digital Marketing Manager’s house to show what to look for when finding a good place to install a heater.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best practices and things to avoid:

  • Fan heaters work best on an inside wall; baseboard are best under a window. (But you can install fan heaters on outside walls and baseboards on inside walls.)
  • If you’re installing a heater by a door, make sure the heater isn’t blocked by the door when it is open.
  • You cannot have an electrical outlet above or below the heater.
  • Baseboards and fan heaters cannot be blocked by furniture, bedding, drapes, or anything else.
  • Allow 3 feet of clearance in front of a fan heater; 6 inches to the sides, and 12 inches above the heater.
  • Allow 12 inches of clearance in front of a baseboard, 6 inches to the sides, and 12 inches above the heater.
And don’t forget when you’re installing your heater, there are also a few best practices for where to install your wall thermostat. If you have any additional questions, you can always check your owner’s guide or contact us for more assistance.