How to Upgrade From a Baseboard to a Wall Heater
Looking to upgrade an old baseboard heater? There's a lot of reasons why you might want to consider upgrading to a wall heater, but how do you make it happen?
Using Electric Heat to Invite Warmth Into Winter Cabins
Mike and Julie have spent the past few years looking for a solution to bring a reliable heat source to their two Minnesota cabins. After a long search, the two found Cadet electric baseboard and wall heaters to be the perfect solution to bring affordable heat to individual rooms without an extensive remodel.
Flipper Updates Kitchen, Bathroom and Replaces Baseboard Heaters to Sell a Home Fast
This Portland-area house flipper says visual upgrades help homes sell fast. So why did he spend time and energy replacing the heating system in his latest project?
How to clean your baseboard heater
Your baseboard heaters should be cleaned once every two years at the very least. Over time dust particles and other things on the air can build up on the fins inside the heater. When that happens the fins can scorch the particles. That can give off a slight odor and cause problems for people with allergies. Thankfully, cleaning a baseboard shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. Just follow this video to see how it's done. And if you need to know how to clean a wall heater, we have a video for that too.
Introducing the new and improved Baseboard Owner's Guide!
One of our green initiatives at Cadet is reducing the amount of paper we consume. We’re very proud that our new baseboard guide now uses less than half the paper of previous versions! When you consider how many Owner’s Guides we print each year, that’s a lot of trees!
How to upgrade to a SoftHEAT baseboard
Looking to upgrade to a SoftHEAT baseboard? It uses a non-toxic heating fluid to keep you more comfortable than a standard electric baseboard. See how to make the change in our latest Tech Support video.
What's the deal with SoftHEAT hydronic baseboards?
Our SoftHEAT hydronic baseboard takes everything that's great about our standard baseboard and takes it to the next level with features that improve comfort, save on energy use and make it a great choice for homes with kids or pets.
How to install a baseboard, and other new videos
A little confused on how to install a Cadet baseboard heater? No worries, our tech support team walks you through the process in this video.
How to wire a baseboard on left-hand side
Thomas with Cadet's Tech Support team shows you which connection to cut when wiring a Cadet baseboard heater on the left-hand side. (With video.)