What Is California Proposition 65 and Why Do I See These Warnings on Products?
California’s Proposition 65 gives California consumers the right to know when products contain chemicals known by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. As of August 30, 2018, manufacturers of products sold in California were required to notify consumers when products contain chemicals on the state’s Proposition 65 list.
Why doesn't my Energy Plus look like the one on Cadet's website?
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What's the difference between UL and ETL
Every once in a while we hear from a customer who wants to know what's the difference between UL and ETL. The answer is not much.
What's that bag of parts that comes with the T410 thermostat for?
Did you know the T410 mechanical thermostat comes with pins that can be used to set the minimum and maximum temperature the thermostat can be set to? Watch the video above to see how to install and use the range stops for this thermostat.
Does SoftHEAT liquid freeze?
A few people recently got in touch with our technical support team to ask if the heating liquid in our SoftHEAT baseboard heaters will freeze. The short answer to that questions is no.
What can I put in front of my heater?
We get a lot of questions from folks who want to know if they can put furniture in front of our heaters. We advise against it.