Flipper Updates Kitchen, Bathroom and Replaces Baseboard Heaters to Sell a Home Fast
This Portland-area house flipper says visual upgrades help homes sell fast. So why did he spend time and energy replacing the heating system in his latest project?
How to upgrade to a SoftHEAT baseboard
Looking to upgrade to a SoftHEAT baseboard? It uses a non-toxic heating fluid to keep you more comfortable than a standard electric baseboard. See how to make the change in our latest Tech Support video.
What's the deal with SoftHEAT hydronic baseboards?
Our SoftHEAT hydronic baseboard takes everything that's great about our standard baseboard and takes it to the next level with features that improve comfort, save on energy use and make it a great choice for homes with kids or pets.
Does SoftHEAT liquid freeze?
A few people recently got in touch with our technical support team to ask if the heating liquid in our SoftHEAT baseboard heaters will freeze. The short answer to that questions is no.