How to Upgrade From a Baseboard to a Wall Heater
Looking to upgrade an old baseboard heater? There's a lot of reasons why you might want to consider upgrading to a wall heater, but how do you make it happen?
How to Install the Energy Plus Wall Heater
We have a new YouTube series that we think will make installation and choosing the right heater for you that much easier.
Do Programmable Thermostats Really Save You Money?
Just buying and installing a programmable thermostat isn't going to save you any money on your heating bill.
No, Cranking Your Thermostat up Won't Give You More Heat
In most cases, cranking up your thermostat wont actually heat up your room faster. Here's what you can do to get quicker heat.
What are these foam things in my wall heater box?
If you're reading this blog post chances are you're either one of our loyal followers (thank you very much) or you purchased a Com-Pak, Com-Pak Bath, Com-Pak Max or Energy Plus and are wondering "What the heck do I do with these little foam thingies I found inside the box?" If you're in the later group, this blog post should answer all your pressing questions.
How to switch Com-Pak Bath from 240 to 120 volts
Our Com-Pak Bath heater comes wired for 240-volt connections, but can be changed to work with 120-volt power. Watch this quick video to find out how to make the change. Not sure what voltage you need? Don't guess. Be sure to doublecheck your circuit, especially when you're replacing an old heater. If you hook a heater up to the wrong voltage it will fail.
How to change the TH114 thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit
Wondering how to change the TH114 electronic thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit? Follow the step-by-step guide in our latest video. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail, call us on the phone or start a live-chat. You can find out how to do all those things on our support page.
How to remove the built-in thermostat from a Com-Pak heater
If you walk into a big box store to buy a Com-Pak wall heater, chances are the only models you'll find on the shelf have built-in thermostats. Those are handy if you're looking for a simple new install, but not necessary if you plan on using your heater with a wall thermostat. If you want to use your heater with a wall thermostat, you have a few options. You can special order a unit without a built-in. You can override the built-in thermostat by turning it to the highest (hottest) position and just using the wall thermostat to control the heater's output. But the most simple solution of all is to just remove the built-in thermostat. Don't worry folks, it isn't as complicated as it may sound. You just need to remove a few screws and cut one wire. This video will show you exactly how to do it.
How to upgrade to a SoftHEAT baseboard
Looking to upgrade to a SoftHEAT baseboard? It uses a non-toxic heating fluid to keep you more comfortable than a standard electric baseboard. See how to make the change in our latest Tech Support video.