Choosing The Right Thermostat


Installing a high performance thermostat in your home can help you better control the comfort level for your family and save money by keeping the room temperature consistent. Learn more about the benefits of electronic thermostats.

Understanding the basics

Line voltage or low voltage?
Single pole or double pole?
Mechanical or electronic?
Energy efficient?

Wall thermostat selection guide

  T410 Cadet Thermostat
TH401 Cadet Thermostat
TH114  Cadet Thermostat
TH115  Cadet Thermostat
TH106  Cadet Thermostat
Price range $ $$ $$ $$$ $$$
Mechanical or electronic Mechanical Electronic Electronic Electronic Electronic
Single pole or double pole options Single/Double Single Double Double Single
Comfort range (temperature swing) 3 to 8 degrees 1 degree 1 degree 1 degree 1 degree
Digital display   Yes Yes Yes Yes
Programmable       Yes Yes
Amps 22 10.4 15 15 16.7
Use with what
volt heaters
120/208/240 120/208/240 208/240 208/240 120/208/240
Color options Wht/Alm/Taupe White White White White
How to install Owner's guide Owner's guide Owner's guide Owner's guide Owner's guide

Thermostat frequently asked questions

Can I use a wall-mount thermostat to control my heater if it already has a built-in thermostat?
Which is better—a built-in or wall-mount thermostat?
Where should I install my wall-mount thermostat?
Can I control all the heaters in my house with one thermostat?
My wall thermostat is hot to the touch. What should I do?
Can I use a double pole thermostat with a 120 volt heater?

How do I install my thermostat?

For wall thermostats, please go to the thermostat section and choose your model to find the owner's guides with complete installation instructions.

To wire an installed wall thermostat to a standard Cadet baseboard:
To wire an installed wall thermostat to a SoftHeat baseboard:
To wire an installed wall thermostat to a Cadet wall heater:

For built-in thermostats on any wall heater, choose your heater model on Cadet's Products page and refer to the owner's guide.

For built-in baseboard thermostats:

To wire a BTF thermostat to a Cadet F Series baseboard :
To wire an EBKN thermostat to a SoftHeat baseboard