Warm your Space

Would it make sense to have one light switch control all the lights in your home?Didn’t think so.

So why settle for one thermostat to control your entire heating system?

With Cadet electric baseboard and wall heaters, you can heat rooms individually, when you’re using them.

Picture of comfort


A finished basement, garage, winter cabin or sunroom can stay chilly, even when using your central heating system. Using a Cadet electric wall or baseboard heaters with your current heat source is an efficient, affordable way to add heat to these stubbornly cold rooms.

Plus, you and your family can stay comfortable by only heating the rooms you use most, keeping your energy bills low.


Cadet heaters are the perfect cold room solution for your next project — whether that be a remodel, new addition or new construction. Unlike other heating solutions, installing a Cadet heater does not require ductwork or a furnace retrofit.

Cadet heaters are simple, efficient, affordable, easy to install and don’t use any external venting or ducts. With a wide variety of ranges and sizes, you will find the right Cadet heater to bring comfort to your next project, whether your top priority is energy efficiency, working with limited living space or an economical heating solution.