Radiant Cove Heater

Clean, cost-effective and comfortable, CORC radiant cove heaters are residential and light commercial heaters that warm people and objects first, then gradually heat your room. Our cove models bring the warmth of natural heat just like the sun. Lower your thermostat and enjoy energy saving comfort with radiant heat that doesn’t take up any wall space. Perfect for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, day care centers, hospitals, offices and restaurants.
  • Installs above doors or windows to save wall and floor space for optimal room layout options
  • Comfortably heats people and objects in the room first, then gradually heats room air
  • Easily controlled with a wall thermostat, radiant heaters give you the option of turning your main heating system thermostat down to save energy
  • Quietest operation with heating element construction that prevents noise when operating
  • Hardwired with 4" leads for field wiring and built-in raceway for multiple unit connections
  • 10-year warranty
  • CSA listed for US and Canada 

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Ordering Information

Color is white. Order splice plate KIT-CORC-JT for end-to-end installation. Single and double pole built-in thermostat kits available as field mount options. Cadet recommends using an electronic wall thermostat for comfort and convenience.

Technical Information

All radiant cove heaters include wall installation brackets that clip to the heater frame—opening the case is not necessary for mounting. Use two brackets for models 450 to 900 watts, three brackets for models 1050 watts or more. Horizontal mounting only.



4-1/4"H (10.8 cm) x 3-1/8"D (7.9 cm) x various lengths