Other Popular Wall Heaters

Radiant Cove Heater

Cadet Manufacturing

Radiant Cove Heater

Above all, more room

Installs above doors or windows to save wall and floor space for optimal room layout optionsComfortably heats people and objects in the room first, then gradually heats room airEasily controlled with a wall thermostat, radiant hea..


Perfectly simple warmth for any room

Warm up in a hurry with a fast-heating coil elementSpread the warmth all around with an efficient, quiet fanRest easy—includes high-temperature safety shutoff featureEnjoy trouble-free use, thanks to a durable, reliable designNo s..

Com-Pak Twin

Ideal warmth for larger areas

Ideal for large rooms and open areas, such as foyers and entrywaysWarms up quickly with fast-heating coil elements and efficient fansRest easy—includes high-temperature safety shutoff featureNo sharp edges and a smooth, durable fi..

Cadet Manufacturing

Com-Pak Max

Versatile, multi-watt warmth

Enjoy years of reliable use with our sturdiest sealed elementRest easy—includes high-temperature safety shutoff featureFit any application with horizontal or vertical installation optionsDurable design built for years of trouble-f..

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