Cadet is committed to responsible business operations—from resources to manufacturing, employee engagement, and community involvement. And we never stop looking for opportunities to improve. Here are a few examples of our responsibility in action.

Flexibility for our employees

Life can be crazy, so we try our best to accommodate the needs of our staff. Available four-day workweeks can reduce the number of commute trips by 20%. Plus, we support alternative transportation efforts and provide bike racks for all our two-wheeled commuters.

Product finish and paint

Many Cadet heaters are painted with ECO-Black Tex® paint, which is made from up to 70% recycled materials.

Facility lighting

Cadet uses high-efficiency lighting in our offices and manufacturing facilities. We also reduce energy use with occupancy sensors and dimming systems.

Second life for products

We accept gently used Cadet products, refurbish them completely, and return them to the stream of commerce. This helps keep products out of landfills, extends their useful life, and saves up to 85% of the energy used in the original manufacturing process.

Product packaging

Cadet uses recyclable cardboard and shredded paper in cartons and packing. Plus, our product multipacks reduce the volume of packaging needed, which means less material to deal with at a job site.

Recycling and paper use

Cadet takes pride in our efforts to reduce our manufacturing and environmental footprint.

We recycle metal, paper, cardboard, plastics, wood, used oil, electronics, and toner cartridges. We compost our food waste and we safely recycle used chemicals to help prevent water pollution. Since 2007, we’ve reduced the amount of material we send to landfills by 75%.

Cadet employees share information electronically as often as possible, print only the pages they need, and take advantage of duplex copying. As a result, we’ve cut back on our annual paper use by 60%.


Cadet employees volunteer to keep our local environment a place where we all want to live and work. We are an Adopt-A-Highway sponsor, and Cadet participates in regularly scheduled work days to maintain our local parks and trails.


We’re proud to be acknowledged for some of our sustainability efforts.